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First appointment

The first appointment of your child at the dentist

Première visite

It is recommended to take the first appointment ideally around the age of two, at the same time as your appointment.

The first visit at the dentist will be a key moment to establish trust between the dentist and the hygienist. It is commonly known, that one out of two persons fears the dentist. To avoid transmitting this fear to your children, the cooperation of parents is very important before, during and after treatment. A positive attitude is expected at all times.


– Never tell your child that he will not feel any pain. Your child will automatically link dentist to pain. Instead, tell him that it will be fun, that we will count all his teeth.

– You can find several children books, showing a favorite character,s first visit at the dentist. It is a fun way to illustrate the first visit.


– It is possible that we asked you to sit on the dentist’s chair with your child on you during the exam, especially for young children. It is a way to reassure your child through your proximity.

– For older children, we may request that parents return to the waiting room, once the initial contact is establish. This way, the child’s cooperation becomes easier.

– Let the dentist and his staff members provide instructions and explanations. Please do not interfere with the dentist or his staff if you have to stay in the room. This way, the child’s cooperation becomes easier.


– Follow the recommendations that will be provided by the dentist or his staff following the visit.

– It is important that your child to brush his teeth twice a day not, to mention proper use of dental floss.

– Avoid giving sweets to your child before going to bed.